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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


my brother and sister in law have prayed for over ten years for a blessing from God in the form of a child.  didn't matter what race, religion, sex, or even if the child had special needs, newborn, teenager, toddler or somewhere in between, they just wanted a child to call their own to love and raise.  on november 12 that prayer was finally answered in the form of a very healthy beautiful angelic little boy by the name of SAMUEL LAWRENCE QUINTANILLA!!!!! God 100% injected their lives with a friend who knew a lovely pregnant lady srtuggling to make ends meet, already blessed with two children of her own, and looking for a family to care and love for her unborn child.  this friend told this lovely lady about my brother and sister in law and how they were wanting a child of their own.  it was truly by the grace of God that she chose them (us) to give her child to (via a private adoption).  it only took a month. 

no more heartaches, no more rejections, no more last minute mind changes.  Sammy came home on Sunday November 14th and officially became my nephew. 

thank you God for our little Sammy!  and i pray that the birth mother will find peace and acceptance which surpasses all understanding in her decision to allow them, adrian and sarah (and me as the aunt) to raise Sammy (or in my case, help raise Sammy) to know the love and grace of your father.

here are some pictures i recently took of my little doodle bug nephew, Sammy.  hope you enjoy them as much as we had fun taking them! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Was not feeling well last Friday and Saturday, fever stomach ache, chills.  I am thankful for my loved ones!  They made me go to the ER (I am hard headed and don't like going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary) only to find out that I had APPENDICITIS!   We caught it before it burst thank goodness.  Blood work showed was the CT scan that found it.  Surgery late Saturday and am still recovering.  Honestly the recovery has been more painful than the appendicitis and now I am itching like cray!  Side affect from all the morphine in the hospital.  Couple of more days and I should be back to my normal routine.  Thank you all for the prayers and blessings!

McKee Family

Had a great time with the McKee family.  Here are a few pics from the shoot.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frisco Mercantile Fall Festival Pumpkin Photo Shoots

Had a great turn out at the Frisco Mercantile Fall Festival.  Here are some shots from those photo shoots. Enjoy!